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The Rock and Roll Diner features a surreal 50's theme diner. The establishment is built upon two train cars, creating the ultimate diner feel. With an ambiance filled with pictures and antique memorabilia, you are sure to be fascinated.

  Hello and Welcome to my business, the Rock & Roll Diner!  

How about a little HISTORY!

The two train cars were last used by Amtrak and bought at an auction by Erl "Chic" Sale and placed at their current location sometime in 1978. A few words about the original owner. From 1945 to 1958 "Chic" worked for Union Pacific as a dining car steward on cross country trips. He then sold real estate until he retired. In 1964 the state of California bought part of Mr. Sale's land to build the overpass on HWY 1 and left the property with an odd triangular shape. That's when he came up with the idea of purchasing the cars from his previous employer and created the "Oceano Railroad Company". As he once said he wanted to serve "Dinnah in a Dinah".

The Two cars are an original "dining car" on the south and an original "lounge car" on the north side. The Dining car built in 1946 by the Pullman Standard Car Company for the Burlington Northern, the same company that was famous for building some of the best railroad cars of their time running throughout the country. The original number of the diner car was 1153 and Amtrak gave it the number 8067. When Oceano Railroad Company bought it, it was given the number 1302, as it is still to this day, as it is the address it is located on Railroad Street (Rock & Roll Diner occupies a whole block between 1300-1330). The lounge car is even more interesting and used to carry all sorts of VIP's. It is a 1947 car built by Budd Car Company and once rolled on the famed "Orange Blossom Special" passenger train from New York to Miami. That's right...the same "Orange Blossom Special" Mr. Johnny Cash made a song about!

The Oceano Railroad Company unfortunately closed within a few months of operation and before it became the Rock & Roll Diner it went through several owners that opened and closed within a short period of time.

Myself and another gentleman started the Rock & Roll Diner in January of 1998 but within the first few months he sold to me and left me to run the establishment you still experience today. The diner was started with a very simple menu of mainly burgers and BBQ entrees but some people discovered my Greek heritage and kept asking for more and more Greek food. Most of the Greek recipes came out of my Mama Vera's kitchen but the rest are recipes from my UNLV Hotel Management/ Culinary School studies.  Some of them from research and some of them are creations of my great kitchen staff that have been working with me from almost the beginning. We also serve some of the best milkshakes you would ever savor, make some amazing cocktails, and play some of the best music that was ever created. So sit back and enjoy the train ride back to the 50's with all the different flavors we have to offer. Thank you for your patronage, please follow us on Facebook to see all of our event announcements like customer appreciation parties, and other promotions....or just to say "Hello" and give us your input......ALL ABOARD!!

by Marios P

P.S. In July of 2012 we opened our second location inside the Pismo Coast Village.  (The Pismo Coast Village Grill). The menu is similar to what we serve here @ the Rock & Roll Diner. Please stop by and say Hi!


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